Texas event is January 16-17, 2015 and the Oklahoma event is January 23-24, 2015

Texas Speakers

2015 speakers have not been announced, but below is our 2014 listing for your reference. 

Alison Goodwin
“Be the MOM, No MATTER Your Circumstance!”
Brandy Ferguson
“Homeschooling is Like a Marathon: Tips to Help You Finish the Race”

“The Family Dinner: Getting it Together”

Charlotte Siems
“Disaster to Done: Real Life Organization for the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom”

“Homeschooling: The Ultimate Reality Show”

Cheryl Lange
“Open Heart Surgery for Moms: Getting to the Heart of Your Child”

“Quit Bobolizing! Discover the Secret World of Communicating with Your Husband”

Lisa Pennington
“Refresh, Renew, Restore? But I Don’t Have Time for ME!”
Lyndsay Lambert
“Homeschooling: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly”
Roxanne Parks
“His Promises are ALWAYS True…You Can Trust Him!”
Sheri Yates
“Take Possession of God’s Promises: Choose Life”
“Identity is the Key to Stability”