Oklahoma event is January 22-23, 2016 and the Texas event is February 5-6, 2016.



  • Registration includes all sessions and workshops, snacks/drinks, one banquet-style meal, FABULOUS DOOR PRIZES, and some other fun goodies!
  • Registration does NOT include hotel room. See Hotel Tab for details.
  • Nursing infants only; no child care.

Do you have to be a homeschooler to come to the Winter Summit?

No! Every mother out there is a potential homeschool mom. Some ladies are veteran homeschool moms who desire to "pour back into" the younger mothers that are journeying behind them. Some ladies simply come for the fellowship and encouragement of other "mother-bears"! Invite a friend who could use some encouragement. It will be a tremendous blessing for you both!

Is the Winter Summit affiliated with a particular denomination?

While the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit is overtly Christian, we are not affiliated with a particular denomination.

The Winter Summit team, speakers, and teachers openly profess a dependent relationship upon Christ.

It is our goal that all teaching, worship, and encouragement shared at the Summit is grounded upon God's Word, the Bible.

Nursing Mothers?

In order to make this conference a blessing for all those who attend, we will only allow nursing "infants." 

We cannot allow nursing "toddlers" in the ballroom as they would be a darling distraction to others.

If you have a nursing infant, we encourage you to consider bringing a family member or other care-giver so that you can enjoy the sessions without distractions. 


Dress Code?

Something comfortable! We want you to "come any way that makes you happy".....for some that will be their tennies and jeans, for some that will be a skirt or slacks.

Can my husband come?

Although we truly value the importance of homeschool dads, the actual Conference is a women's-only event, which allows for a lot of transparency and deep fellowship.

That said, there is no reason why your husband can't come to the Embassy Suites with you and just do other things during the Conference!   What a great opportunity to spend quality time together - consider staying Saturday night, also.  ;-).

Otherwise....just a ladies only event.

What about cancellations and refunds?

Please understand that registration fees are used in advance in order to prepare for the event. We understand that emergencies may arise.

Therefore, registration fee are transferable but not refundable. Also your registration may be donated to help scholarship others with financial difficulties.

May I give the Winter Summit as a gift to a friend in need?

Yes!  This may be done on the Registration Tab...you will enter the name of your friend and pay with your method of payment.

May I contribute to the scholarship fund?

Absolutely YES...please do! Every year there are moms that really want to come to the Winter Summit event but are in a very difficult financial place. It would be a great blessing for you to help us scholarship other women. Go to the registration "tab" and click on the other scholarship donation links in the sidebars of some of our webpages. Thank you! Thank you on behalf of the recipient!

Can I advertise or sponsor this event?

Yes, we would love for you to advertise in our event program.  We are so grateful for those that God brings us to sponsor this event. Click below to see our ad spec sheet for Sponsorship & Advertising.