Oklahoma event is January 22-23, 2016 and the Texas event is February 5-6, 2016.

Oklahoma Planning Team

Front Row: Kerri Naylor, Roxanne Parks, Alison Goodwin.

Back Row: Lisa Harper, Laurie Ballweber, Linda Harris, Ingrid Lewis, Andrea Pflughoft, Suzanne Baxter, Lisa Rice.


It is our prayer and our heart’s desire that the Winter Summit event be such a rich and transforming time of genuine encouragement for the heart of the moms that attend. We understand the homeschool journey and have asked God to use us to orchestrate something far beyond whatever we could hope or imagine. We pray individually for each lady and her family the very day she enrolls and then again right before she heads out to join us at the event. We love you, homeschool moms, and think you are God’s hands and feet in the lives of your children. Can’t wait to meet you! Plan on a great time of fun, fellowship, worship, learning, laughter and encouragement! Consider inviting a friend!