Oklahoma event is January 22-23, 2016 and the Texas event is February 5-6, 2016.

Sheri Yates

2010 Yates Pic

Multiple hat-wearing mama. Busy chauffeur. Girl mom (which means: Deep listener with the occasional day-dreaming causing, “What was that? I was listening, but could you repeat that.”) Wife to Ty – He’s WAY outnumbered. Nearly-rehabilitated candy and soda lover. Big dreamer. Encourager. Bible reader. Sold-out disciple of Jesus Christ. Becoming fit! All these hats can make her head swirl, but her identity is anchored and rooted in the life of Jesus! Sheri shares openly about how she overcame a long-term identity crisis from years of sexual abuse. Co-author of SOAR Bible Study www.soarwithgod.com. Author of Stuck and If I Were Anything But Me (children’s book). Learn how to discern between God’s truth and all the other junk with Truth or Trash™ game and iPhone app developed by the Yates Fam. Sheri’s family founded www.ikanministries.com and Avodah, an Oklahoma based worship and prayer room raising up the next generation of Lead Worshippers!


“Help! I’m Stuck in a Rut”

Lost hope? Is there a piece of you that desires to do more?You were called to lead your family by example! Let your children catch you living your purpose to the full so that they will imitate you as you follow Christ! Ignite your dreams so your kids will dream BIG!


“I’ve Lost IT and Can’t Find IT”

Looking for rest from your work? Yes, every day is busy, fires to put out, kids to chauffeur, diapers to change, the laundry – whoa!, and so much more. We pray and ask God to help us when we bust out in anger, or when we feel discouraged. Sometimes the requests of our Savior are more than we can bear. But is it? When Jesus died, He said, “It is finished”, but what is the IT? We MUST know! The IT is in knowing that in Jesus we find rest for our weary bones and are able to stand firm. Come learn what it means to stand firm in Jesus name!