Oklahoma event is January 22-23, 2016 and the Texas event is February 5-6, 2016.

Kerri Naylor

FullSizeRenderKerri received a degree in mathematics from OSU where she met her husband, Mark, of 31 years. She taught in Edmond Public Schools for 4 years until she started her family. She and Mark have six children ages `13-27 and have enjoyed the privilege of homeschooling all of them. After graduating four children, Kerri is in her 22nd year of homeschooling with four more years to go! She has served on the board of a large co-op for years where she also taught Algebra II and Geometry. She is currently a math tutor and serves on the Winter Summit Team. Watching her children play sports is one of her favorite pastimes. As her children get older, she cherishes the time they can all get together. Fun has always been a high priority in the Naylor home as you’ll find out if you come to her workshop!


“Prioritizing Family Fun”
As a homeschooling mother of 6 children over the last 22 years Kerri knows that there is one ingredient that needs to be a part of every family that makes each day palatable. That special ingredient is fun. Fun makes the family attractive and helps build and strengthen relationships. Sometimes fun just sneaks into the day but the wise mother knows that “having fun” often requires being intentional. Not everyone has a funny bone so this workshop will provide you with a variety of time proven ideas so that you can arm even the most fun deficient husband with ways to make fun a priority through a regular family night.